In October 2020, KSP participated in the public bidding of the China Railway Changchun Northeast Asia International Expo Center
project and was confirmed as winner on March 12, 2021. The Expo Center complex includes exhibitions, a convention center, a hotel and exhibition park. It integrates Chinese characteristics and
Changchun’s unique charm with an international design approach to create a unique expo center that only belongs to Changchun. At present, the construction drawing design of the project has been


Project Background


Changchun is located in the geographical center of Northeast China. It is the capital of Jilin Province, an important node of the
northern route of the 「Belt and Road」, and the central city of the Northeast Asian economic circle,Located in an important strategic position for regional economic development, it is a shining pearl
city in Northeast Asia.

整體鳥瞰圖 | Overall bird view


The China Railway Changchun Northeast Asia International Expo Center relies on the development orientation of 「exhibition and trade
cluster in Northeast Asia, a model of livability in the new era」, with a vision of 「a new highland for the exhibition industry, a new model for industry – city integration, a gateway for southward
development and a new engine for northeast revitalization, to create a new convention and exhibition city with 「the largest scale, the strongest carrying capacity, the most unique ecological style,
the combination of multiple formats and the aggregation of multiple destinations」.


The project is located at Yongchun New District, south of Changchun, spanning over two plots, occupying a total area of 56.24
hectares. The transportation is convenient: distance to Changchun Municipal Government is about 5 kilometers; to Changchun Station and Changchun West Station around 15 kilometers; to the airport
about 40 kilometers.


The project owns superior site location: the eastside is facing Changchun City’s main road, Renmin Street, which goes through the
downtown as north-south axis; westside faces Qianjin Street. Further North is the city highway; to the South Yongchun Expressway is close. These advantages promise the accessibility, efficiency and
diversity of visitors『 and logistics』 flow.

長春東北亞國際博覽中心包含國際展覽中心、國際會議中心和五星級酒店。以「會展+」為引擎 ,凝聚發展新動力,助力新一輪東北振興戰略。

Changchun Northeast Asia International Expo Center includes the International Exhibition Center, the international convention
center and five-star hotel. With “Chain Reaction” as the engine, the Expo Center gathers new driving forces for development and helps promoting a new round of Northeast Revitalization


International Exhibition Center

鳥瞰圖 | Southeast bird view


The design style is simple and generous. This highly functional design perfectly integrates with Changchun’s “self-improvement and
rational” character. The overall layout refers to a typical Changchun industrial complex. The exhibition halls and corridors along the East-West axis form a series of outer spaces, enriching the
visitors』 experience, and respond to the cities title of the North China Spring City. It is located on the central axis of the city with a grand and elegant façade., echoing the calm and grand city

場地原始地形 | Site original topography

場地設計 | Site elevation design


The height difference of the site is managed by a platform, which reduces the amount of earthwork, and uses the height difference
to enhance the architectural image of the east facade. The exhibition halls are located at the same height to ensure the continuity and rationality of the flow lines.

場地出入口設計 | Site entrance design


The most important traffic circulations in the exhibition center are logistic and visitors. The Exhibition Center responds to the
urban traffic environment and organizes visitor and logistic flows on different levels into eficient circulation systems.

沿人民大街立面 | East façade along renmin street

東側儀式廣場|East ceremony plaza

東登錄廳 | East login hall

東登錄廳懸挑出的兩翼猶如雄鷹展翅呈起飛之勢,形成開闊疏朗、恢弘大氣的城市迎賓立面,造型現代簡潔,形成標誌性和視覺衝擊力的同時, 也在形態上保持謙遜和包容的姿態,開闊震撼。

The two cantilevered wings of the East Landing Hall are an eagle spreading it`s wings and taking off, forming an open, sparse and
magnificent city welcome facade, inclusive attitude, open and amazing.

東登錄廳室內 | East login hall interior

南廣場 | South plaza


The south square in front of the multi-function hall echoes the business, convention center and hotel on
the south side. It gathers popularity and plays the role of an urban living room, is a green extension of the public space of the wetland park and can also hold large-scale outdoor

南登錄廳室內 | South login hall interior

西側廣場 | West plaza


The west login hall as another endpoint of the concourse, integrates reception, leisure and exhibition in
one multi-functional complex.

西登錄廳室內 | West login hall interior

空中連廊東側開幕區|Concourse ceremony area


Rambling in the concourse, the ‘belt and road’ leading the way, creating a multi-function and flexible ecological space that
combines ceremony, F&B, leisure, entertainment and small exhibitions.

空中連廊餐飲區 | Concourse break out area

空中連廊中心餐飲區 | Concourse central F&B


The halls lay by the two sides of the middle public transport corridor in a “fish bone” pattern towards north and south. On the
southside, there are 4 Standard Halls plus 1 Central Hall; On the northside, there are 2 Sandard Halls plus 1 Mega Hall. Mutually, they satisfy the requirements of various Changchun exhibition

標準展廳室內 | Standard Hall interior


The Standard Halls have each an area of 20,000 square meters. The layout of the halls can be flexibly combined or be divided to
hold multiple exhibition activities at the same time.

標準展廳休息區 | Entrance break out area

標準展廳室內 | Standard Hall interior

雙層展廳首層室內 | Mega Hall ground floor interior

超級展廳則為總展覽面積7萬3千平米的大型雙層展館, 靈感來源於長春軌道列車製造工廠,獨一無二的巨型空間承載未來多種類的工業、科技展覽。

The Mega Hall is a super large, double-storey exhibition hall with a total exhibition area of 73,000 square meters, inspired by the
Changchun Bullet Train Manufacturing sites, providing a venue for all kinds of technological and industrial exhibitions in a unique environment.

多功能廳室內 | Central Hall interior


The Central Hall can host various activities such as large-scale conferences, cultural performances, competitions and exhibitions.
Its space can be flexibly divided according to different functional requirements. The high quality design orientation, functional complex, professional sound and light design endows the pavilion with
infinite possibilities in the future.

多功能廳 | Central Hall large convention function


China Railway Changchun Northeast Asia Expo Center, as a key project of Changchun’s 14th Five-Year Plan and has been under rapid
construction and under the vigorous promotion of the municipal government and China Railway Real Estate. The future of Changchun lies in the convention and exhibition. The convention and exhibition
center in Changchun is here. China Railway Changchun Expo City has become an important milestone in the development of Changchun city, opening a new course from the perspective of a central city in
Northeast Asia.


In the future, it has been determined to be the venue for the 2023 Northeast Asia Expo, and it will become a permanent





建設用地規模:約50.23 公頃

總建築面積:約34.5萬 m²